weScape together the Battle 2017 – Die Teams

weScape together The Battle 2017 – Die Teams   sponsored by      The Challenge Am 01.10.2017 während der Aqua Expo Tage in Dortmund findet das zweite weScape together The Battle statt. Los geht es dieses Jahr um 13:00 Uhr im vorderen Bereich der Showtribüne. Das Publikum votet im Anschluss live vor Ort per Stimmzettel, oder online per like auf[…]

ENAC 2016 – „Behind is again an other world“ Platz 7

  ENAC 2016 – „Behind is again another world“ Cryille Moresve is one of the four French Scapers who took the long way to Hamburg to be a part of the competition. Despite the language barrier, we had a lot of fun together. In the following article he is going to present us his idea of his ENAC 2016 Scape.[…]