Aquascapes from Spain by The Brothers Scapers


The Brothers Scapers

tbs (Pablo Fernandez and Daniel Mateo), two friends, 25 and 23 years of age. We started with aquascape three years ago and now we felt it was time for a Facebook page to present our works. With all the aquariums we have done so far, we always learned something new. Two of these are perhaps most valuable to us because they were made for a competition.

The night forest

One of them „The night forest“ (80L) is special to us as is it marked our first endeavor to build a tank for a contest (three years ago). However, an aquarium that holds 80L was a great challenge for us. We used 20 varieties of plants: differents rotalas, lindernias, micranthemun…Whilst building this tank, we began to understand how to grow plants. As the aquarium was very small, it required a lot of planning in order plant different species.

IMG_4551 IMG_2427 IMG_4554

Spiritual River

This year we did a scape inspired by a river, called ”Spiritual River” (224L). Yet again we built it with a two block landscape structure. We tried to make it appear more natural, by mixing many varieties of plants and fish. This is the aquarium we were more eager to finish, because we encountered a few difficulties. As we made the aquarium for someone else, it was not possible for us to do the daily maintenance.

IMG_7734 (2) IMG_4831 IMG_4797

Way of a dream

Today, one aquarium we are building is the first wabikusa style aquarium we have ever done, called “Way of a dream” (20L). We want to do something natural and simple. Also, we are trying to do something that we can watch surfacing and submersing, together or separately.

IMG_7080 IMG_5720 IMG_7591


IMG_9667– Gastbeitrag von Pablo Fernandez 

Mehr unter der Facebockseite tbs – The Brothers Scapers.

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